Crash This Train Lyrics - Joshua James

I hope you find what you're lookin' for when it all comes runnin' down
I hope you find it painted black on your window or the lips of your lover's frown
Cause if it dies in the cold, when the clouds start to roll
Is it then that your soul starts to bleed?

Have you ever seen the President who killed your wounded child?
Or the man that crashed your sister's plane claimin' he was sent of God?
And when she died in your arms late that night in the dark
Did you pray to your God to come home?
Cause it ain't fair to say that these tracks are the same

So God, if you can hear me crash this train
Said God, if you can hear me crash this train

Now a note to the President, and the Government, and the judges of this place
We're still waitin' for you to bring our troops home, clean up that mess you made
Cause it smells of blood and money across the Iraqi land
But it's so easy here to blind us with your "United We Stand"
And it ain't hard to see that this country ain't free

To the mothers and the fathers who done the best they could
Raisin young'ns in a messed up world, it ain't so understood
So I'll cover my ears and my eyes, pretend that love's the same
Cause with one courts signature, it all becomes erased

And it ain't hard to tell
When it's love we sell

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