Waiting Song Lyrics - Theresa Sokyrka

I wonder if I cheated all the things
that have been mistreated in your life.
And maybe I just planted a view
that could've been quite slanted, how can I win?
You travel more than me and have seen
so many things I've seen and so much more.
I feel the need to follow only for the words
I swallowed if I ever believed.

And you're waiting by the door.
And I can see from a mile away
your roots have thorns.
And you're waiting by the door.

I'll probably never be to as many places
I've seen in my mind.
And I know that if I sit here and grin
then maybe it'll be all right.
Though I know my story will go well
with all your glory, I feel it just the same.
I realize, I never really knew about that anyway.

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